WOW! is an exciting place to cultivate your career. We are at the heart of the cloud computing movement and offer employees the opportunity to work with the latest and greatest technologies : Salesforce CRM, Google Apps, Evernote, Dropbox, Xero & together with the Getting Things Done Methodology made famous by David Allen.

We recognise that our employees are our most important assets. That's why we located our condusive working environment next to a shopping mall to offer variety in food, entertainment, grocery choices, banking and more.

We also understand that sometimes people have social obligations that cannot be fulfilled while being in office. That's why we have allocated times for employees to work from home (as long as work gets done!)

WOW! searches for employees who are intelligent, confident and who can master a broad spectrum of skills. Integrity, trust and the ability to balance hard work and fun are essential to WOW’s unique culture.

If you like to join us, send us your resume at and let's talk. Indicate in the email subject: " : Position you are applying for".

We also like to hear from you in 1 page what past achievements you have that could help you in this position you are applying for and how comfortable you are in learning Cloud Computing technologies.

WOW! The CRM Specialist is a Certified Salesforce Consulting Partner from Malaysia