• Fewer meetings
  • Email reduction
  • Easier collaboration
  • Find information faster
Make collaboration at work as easy as using Facebook. Stay on top of what's happening at work with real-time updates on people and groups, important documents, your top deals and customer service cases. Discover insights that will make your job easier and reduce email traffic.
Top 10 ways to use Chatter

Connect with experts

Have a question for the product team—or someone in marketing, sales, or finance—but not sure who to ask? Post it to Chatter and get answers from across the company.


Collaborate with remote employees

Remote employees can feel disconnected. Bring everyone together with Chatter to stay connected and tap into regional expertise.


Easily share large files

Sending big files through email clogs inboxes or triggers error messages. Plus, you never know if you have the latest version. Sharing files with Chatter is easy—upload with a click, and everyone sees the updates.


Prepare for sales presentations

Instead of spending time in endless meetings working on customer presentations, post your slides, questions, and feedback on Chatter to save time and close more business.


Manage team projects

Complex projects involve a lot of different people and moving parts. Chatter brings it all together so everyone is on the same page with the latest information.


Discuss confidential topics

Departments like HR, finance, and legal need to discuss sensitive information in a secure, private setting. With Chatter’s private groups you can be sure these conversations will remain confidential.


Get answers

Next time you have a question for the pricing team, marketing, or any other department, don’t send an email blast—post the question to Chatter and get answers from people you wouldn’t think to include.


Share important info with coworkers

When you find interesting articles, videos, or websites that are relevant to your business, post them to Chatter to circulate important information and spark discussion.


Solve customer issues

When a customer has a problem, you often need to work with people across your company to solve the issue quickly. To give the best possible service, use Chatter to get answers in no time.


Brainstorm marketing ideas

Use Chatter as a first-round focus group to test advertising and marketing ideas with your coworkers.

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